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Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. Ranks as the 2nd Fastest-Growing Private Manufacturing Company by Inc. Magazine

500inc-bgHATTIESBURG, MS–(Marketwired – Aug 22, 2013) – Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. ranked 2nd on the 2013 Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private U.S. companies for manufacturing and 77th overall. Additionally, Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (BSEI) was named as the #1 fastest growing company for all categories in the state of Mississippi.

BSEI, the sole manufacturer of products containing SumaGrow, was recognized for its astounding 3-year growth of over 4,000% and revenue of almost $5 million for 2012. The award-winning technology of SumaGrow is a proprietary blend of microbes that has demonstrated the ability to increase crop quality and yields while decreasing dependence on chemical fertilizers.

In development since 2003, products containing SumaGrow are now being utilized worldwide in over 40 countries by farmers producing virtually every crop type from traditional row and truck crops in the US Midwest, to citrus groves in Florida, to forage and hay crops in Italy, and cacao in Brazil. SumaGrow works from the ground up to restore and maintain soil health for the long term benefits of achieving maximum crop performance while lowering input costs by an average of 50%.

The technology has been tested and benefits validated by numerous major universities, independent consultants and specialty testing facilities. However, sales of products containing SumaGrow are driven by grass roots marketing and farmer satisfaction. Because sales are generated through independent licensees, each has its own target market and unique approach. Although some meetings may happen in the board room of a large food supplier, much business is conducted under a good shade tree or around a kitchen table of a local farmer. The producer that tries a product containing SumaGrow on 100 acres the first year will most often treat their entire operation by the second or third year. In agriculture, word of mouth is a key driving force and seeing is believing.

BSEI's goal is to support producers in profitable farming while addressing the many challenges that face the future of food production — including land degradation, soil erosion and nutrient runoff, and water eutrophication and pollution — and offer sustainable solutions that preserve natural resources for the next generation.

In addition, products containing SumaGrow are increasingly being utilized for recreational turfs and golf courses. Both industries are under fire for their negative environmental impact resulting from high fertilization and watering demands.

Dr. Lalithakumari Janarthanam, co-inventor and Director of Research & Development at BSEI, continues to expand the technology of SumaGrow. "It is very exciting to know that SumaGrow products have the potential to make a big difference to the environment," she stated.

The technology of SumaGrow was recognized by Popular Science in 2011 as the Grand Award Winner in the Green category for its ability to increase forage yields and decrease fertilizer and water inputs; won the Illinois Yield Challenge in the district it was entered in 2011, was highlighted by Popular Science magazine in 2009 as a solution to address the world's exploding food needs; and has been recognized by Forbes.com, Hemispheres Magazine, and Corn & Soybean Digest among others.


Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/bio-soil-enhancers-inc-ranks-204425975.html

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