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Welcome to the SoilGanic Product’s website

We are here to introduce a sustainable soil-enhancing product line, specially formulated to substantially increase your harvest yields and nutritional values organically. Our innovative microbial formulas are 100% organic with no GMOs and will enrich your soil; maintain the proper pH balance and greatly reducing the need for water intake, fertilizers and pesticides. The EarthCare Product Line with SumaGrow Inside is eco-friendly and actually helps to eliminate fertilizer and nitrate runoff, thus preventing contamination of our waterways.

Are you someone who can benefit from our products? Individuals and organizations listed below have all enjoyed the multiple benefits afforded when using our products. Check out the website and see where EarthCare products can best serve to improve your harvest yields, cut your overhead and increase your bottom-line profits.

Healthy soil produces healthy plants!
30% to 50% YIELD INCREASE...Grow more, sell more
30% to 50% LESS WATER...Improves water efficiency, decreasing watering needs
50% to 100% REDUCTION OF CHEMICAL USE...requires less pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides
HEALTHY, HAPPY SOIL...100% sustainable
50% to 100% LESS FERTILIZERS...Safer, healthier crops
OMRI-CERTIFIED AND 100% ORGANIC...Grow organic with confidence
See how Sumagrow really works!


SumaGrow is an economical, environmentally-friendly consortium of beneficial soil microbes carried by liquid humates. There is no other microbial formulation on the …

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