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私たちは、持続可能な土壌強化製品ラインを導入するためにここにいる, 特に、実質的有機あなたの収穫収量と栄養価を高めるために策定. 当社の革新的な微生物式です 100% ない遺伝子組み換え作物や土壌を豊かにするとともに、有機; 適切なpHバランスを維持し、大幅に取水の必要性を低減, 肥料や農薬. The EarthCare Product Line with SumaGrow Inside is eco-friendly and actually helps to eliminate fertilizer and nitrate runoff, 従って、我々の水路の汚染を防止する.

あなたが当社の製品の恩恵を受けることができます誰かがある? Individuals and organizations listed below have all enjoyed the multiple benefits afforded when using our products. Check out the website and see where EarthCare products can best serve to improve your harvest yields, あなたのオーバーヘッドを削減し、あなたのボトムラインの利益を増やす.

30% へ 50% YIELD INCREASE...Grow more, sell more
30% へ 50% LESS WATER...Improves water efficiency, decreasing watering needs
50% へ 100% REDUCTION OF CHEMICAL USE...requires less pesticides, 殺虫剤, herbicides and fungicides
HEALTHY, HAPPY SOIL...100% sustainable
50% へ 100% LESS FERTILIZERS...Safer, healthier crops
OMRI-CERTIFIED AND 100% ORGANIC...Grow organic with confidence
See how Sumagrow really works!


SumaGrow経済的です, 液体humatesによって運ば有益な土壌微生物の環境に配慮したコンソーシアム. There is no other microbial formulation on the …

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