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Welcome to the SoilGanic Product’s website

我们在这里介绍一个可持续提高土壤的产品线, 专门制定大幅增加你的收获产量和营养价值有机. 我们的创新微生物公式 100% 没有转基因生物和有机会丰富您的土壤; 维持合适的pH平衡,大大减少水的摄入量的需要, 化肥和农药. The EarthCare Product Line with SumaGrow Inside is eco-friendly and actually helps to eliminate fertilizer and nitrate runoff, 从而防止污染水道.

你谁可以从我们的产品中获益? Individuals and organizations listed below have all enjoyed the multiple benefits afforded when using our products. Check out the website and see where EarthCare products can best serve to improve your harvest yields, 削减开销并增加你的底线利润.

30% 至 50% YIELD INCREASE...Grow more, sell more
30% 至 50% LESS WATER...Improves water efficiency, decreasing watering needs
50% 至 100% REDUCTION OF CHEMICAL USE...requires less pesticides, 杀虫剂, herbicides and fungicides
HEALTHY, HAPPY SOIL...100% sustainable
50% 至 100% LESS FERTILIZERS...Safer, healthier crops
OMRI-CERTIFIED AND 100% ORGANIC...Grow organic with confidence
See how Sumagrow really works!


SumaGrow是一种经济, 环保财团进行土壤有益微生物液体腐植酸. There is no other microbial formulation on the …

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