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Farmers understand the importance of microbial activity in the soil. The world's ecosystems are dependent on microbes and their functions.

Though a good deal of old soil has been removed in crop fields, the microbes that remain are weak and not diverse.  Chemical fertilizers and pesticides have all but been eradicated the living organisms in the soil.

The scientists at SumaGrow went to ancient forests like the Amazon and have dug beneath the Pyramids at Giza in search of microbes in their primal state. Their idea was to stabilize a colony of 30-plus complementary microbes. However, building a colony of microbes is not easy and can result in the death of the entire colony. Until now, other scientists were only able to achieve colonies of three microbes, and those varied in effectiveness from batch to batch.

Years of research has resulted in EarthCare with SumaGrow, a patented super-concentrated cocktail of carefully selected microbes. They  were chosen to stimulate the soils’ own ability to heal. Because plants are stationary, they need microbes to move nutrients. Plants convert sunlight into sugars, which are used to feed the microbes. Then a chain of events occurs: the microbes break down organic matter, recycle nutrients, retain water, combat viruses and make food all within the plant. Conventional farming uses expensive fertilizers and pesticides to replace this natural process. EarthCare with SumaGrow believes that building the health of the soil is fundamental to profitable and sustainable agriculture. We use no insecticides, fungicides, herbacides or pesticides.

Healthier, hardier plants are more resistant to environmental stress like extreme temperatures, droughts, disease and insects. Vegetables and fruits are more nutritious, colorful and flavorful. They also have a longer shelf life, making it attractive and cost effective for consumers as well! Perhaps more important is that EarthCare with SumaGrow does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or chemicals.

EarthCare with SumaGrow Creates Happy Healthy Soil.

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