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How to Apply Earthcare with Sumagrow Products


  • The standard application rate is 1 gallon per acre in sufficient water to apply the desired rate.
  • If already using N-P-K products: It is recommended that N-P-K application rates be reduced by 50% when using EarthCare Products™ with SumaGrow™ inside.
  • If soil organic matter (OM) is low (i.e. heavy sand or heavy clay soils) increase the initial application rate by 0.5 gallon for all applications.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures. Store at 40°F – 80°F.
  • Always properly calibrate your sprayer prior to application to assure recommended application rate per acre is achieved.
  • Apply in late afternoon or at sundown to ensure optimal absorption
  • For second application: Foliar application is suggested.


  • EarthCare Products with SumaGrow inside can be co-applied with your irrigation water through a metered irrigation system.
  • Product can also be co-applied with liquid Nitrogen and with herbicides.
  • DO NOT CO-APPLY EarthCare Products with SumaGrow inside with fungicides or fumigants.


  • The product should be gently agitated prior to application. In smaller containers, simply shake the container prior to loading into sprayer.
  • With bulk barrels and totes, agitate prior to transferring to sprayer (can use an air wand or paddle agitator).
  • NOTE: Loosen caps on containers upon receipt of product so that microbes can receive oxygen. Leave caps loose until product is applied.
  • The product should be gently agitated prior to application. In smaller containers, simply shake the container prior to loading into sprayer.
  • With bulk barrels and totes, agitate prior to transferring to sprayer, (can use air wand or paddle agitator).

Note: Loosen caps on containers upon receipt of product so that microbes can receive oxygen. Leave caps loose until product is applied.


For conversion application from U.S. Gallons to Metric Liters, please use the following equivalents:

0.5 Gallons = 2 Liters 
1.0 Gallons = 4 Liters


10 Liters Per Hectare

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