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The documented test results all show that SoilGanic Inside increases the harvest yield and reduces or eliminate the need for fertilizer. Our product line will reduce your water usage by up to 20% and will reduces or eliminate pesticides usage.  Additional benefits for crops grown with the SoilGanic formula are higher nutrient or Brix levels, earlier germination rates, earlier maturation, and durability strength to withstand adverse stresses such as wind and drought.  Bottom line to the benefits offered is the increase to your overall profits and increased money in your pocket at the end of the growing season.

SoilGanic with its polymicrobial formulation greatly increases crop productivity with less dependence on petrochemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides, and alleviates negative health and environmental consequences associated with their use. 

The following is a list of performance features:

  • Improves nutrient and water uptake
  • Improves root and plant growth and crop yield
  • Improves plants‘ efficiency in using solar energy
  • Reduces stress of transplanting and drought
  • Increases Cation Exchange Capacity
  • Reduces infestations of insects, harmful microbes, and nematodes
  • Increases effects of beneficial microbes and organisms
  • Improves soil health and water retention
  • Stimulates balanced microflora populations
  • Increases bioactive substances needed for plant growth and development
  • Reduces reliance on chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Improves the taste and quality of crops
  • Helps release micronutrients and trace elements
  • Stimulates germination
  • Reduces amount of toxins in soil associated with harmful organisms
  • Increases healthy decomposition of organic matter and reduces putrification

Benefits for Plants

New lifeSumaGrow’s microbial blend works from the ground up improving the health of the soil and plant. Plant and forage benefits include:      

  • Longer, denser root systems that pull water and nutrients from deeper within the ground
  • Healthier, hardier plants more resistant to environmental stresses like extreme temperatures and drought
  • Plants with greater nutrition

Benefits for Environment

sumagrow-benefits-environmentSumaGrow is an all natural blend of native soil microbes that benefit the plant and nourish the environment.  SumaGrow is organically-based, contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and is available in OMRI listed products.  Using products containing SumaGrow:

  • Reduce harmful nitrate leaching.
  • Reduces soil erosion and valuable nutrient runoff.
  • SumaGrow restores and maintains soil health and fertility.
  • Creates a hospitable environment for beneficial insects, earthworms, dung beetles, and microorganisms.
  • Increases soil organic matter and water holding capacity.

Benefits for Grower


Products containing SumaGrow improve crop performance and lower input costs by creating a nutrient rich soil environment.  High yielding, healthy crops are grown in nutrient dense, water rich soil.

  • Decreases input costs by reducing the amount of chemical fertilizer needed.
  • Improves water efficiency and moisture holding capacity for decreased watering needs.
  • Improves animal performance.
  • Increases the nutritional benefits of plants and forages.
  • Grows healthier, hardier plants more resistant to environmental stresses like transplant, extreme temperatures, and drought.
  • Improves soil fertility and tilth.
  • Increases the plant's absorption of fertilizer inputs
  • Helps balance soil pH thereby making nutrients more available to the plants.
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