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ReeVerse POA Formula

There are many benefits to using ReeVerse POA on your greens to get rid of your poa annua problem.

  • It works without harming your greens.
  • It attacks the poa’s immune system, making it dormant, which allows the greens to fill in all around it and prevent it from reappearing. Your green gets the nutrients and the poa remains dormant forever.
  • It won’t leave brown spots on your greens while removing the poa.
  • Your golfers will get a clean roll of the ball without the bump of poa.

Poa annua is usually thought of as a common weed, aka annual bluegrass or annual meadow grass that will resist common weed killers and only dies with the harshest of killer treatments. The ReeVerse POA product impairs the immune system of the poa annua so that it eventually becomes dormant while allowing the healthy grass to grow in around it and thrive. The ReeVerse POA does its job while leaving the green looking great and without causing brown spots on the green. 

ReeVerse POA also works well on fairways and tee boxes.

ReeVerse Poa Application Instructions

ReeVerse Poa 2 gallon label

ReeVerse Poa MSDS

For additional information on poa annua elimination, please call 213-984-2333 today.

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