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Fairways ReeCourse pormula

ReeCourse Fairways (used on Fairways, and Roughs if desired) is a custom formulation focused on the needs of the golf course fairway. These areas of the course need assistance with recovering from stresses such as divots and riding carts. The ReeCourse Fairways product enables a significantly more developed root system which in turn results in a decreased divot recovery time and a turf grass able to withstand greater stresses.

The ReeCourse Greens formula works to lengthen and strengthen the root systems so that more water can be accessed to improve the turf and provide for the lush green appearances that all courses strive for!

There are three major benefits of using our Fairways formulation:

  • Reduce your fertilizer costs by 50%
  • Reduce your water costs by 20%
  • Improves your soil quality with our ReeCourse Sumagrowmicrobial inoculant that increases soil organic matter over time, allowing your fairways to absorb more nutrients, which In turn grows deeper roots, making your fairways heartier and better able to resist stress.

You will see a difference in your fairways within 6 weeks after applying ReeCourse Fairways Formula with Sumagrow™ sa sulod.

Our ReeCourse Fairways microbial inoculant is going to help your fairway grass to better absorb the nitrogen from the soil and unbind the soil’s phosphate and make it available for fairway. There are over 30 different microbes performing a number of different functions on the fairway. Our microbes are going to mobilize and mineralize your soil so that the fairways soil nutrients are going to be available, sama sa mga utlanan phosphate, magnesium and calcium into a form that is available for grass uptake.

Our product will enhance phytohormone production. Phytohormones are plant growth regulators which enhances the growth of the fairways at different stages of its growth. This gives the fairway an opportunity to reach its optimum growth and therefore, its optimum strength. A strong fairway grass is more resistant to stress and will recover better and quicker from divots.

ReeCourse Fairways Application Instructions

ReeCourse Fairways Label

ReeCourse Fairways MSDS

For additional information on our Sumagrowinside formulations or any other questions pertaining to our ReeCourse golf products, call  today.

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