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ReeCourse Greens Formula

ReeCourse Greens (used on Greens and Tee Boxes) is a custom formulation built to aid in the withstanding of the extreme traffic and stresses that Greens and Tee Boxes receive.
The ReeCourse Greens formula works to lengthen and strengthen the root systems so that more water can be accessed to improve the turf and provide for the lush green appearances that all courses strive for!
There are three major benefits of using our Greens formulation:

  • Reduce your fertilizer costs by 50%

  • Reduce your water costs by 20%

  • Improves your soil quality with our ReeCourse Sumagrow™ microbial inoculant that increases soil organic matter over time, allowing your greens to absorb more nutrients, which In turn grows deeper roots, making your greens heartier and better able to resist stress.

You will see a difference in your greens within 7 days. As you know 95% of nitrogen in the soil is in an organic form that is not readily available for uptake by your greens. ReeCourse with SumaGrow™ inside unlocks bound soil nitrogen and absorbs nitrogen from the air for the green's use. It also will solubilize the bound phosphate and makes it available to the greens.

ReeCourse Greens with Sumagrow™ inside has a high saprophytic competence. This helps the microbes to compete with and overcome native soil microbes, allowing them to perform their intended, beneficial functions to improve your green’s soil.

ReeCourse Greens formula promotes a gradient of optimal pH under extreme environmental conditions.

ReeCourse Greens Application Instructions

ReeCourse Greens Label

ReeCourse Greens MSDS

For additional information on our Sumagrow™ inside formulations or any other questions pertaining to our ReeCourse golf products, call  today.

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