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Sumagrow Earthcare Formulated for Golf Course

Why ReeCourse Golf Products:

EarthCare Naturals proudly distributes exclusively the ReeCourse Golf Product line for usage on golf courses.  The ReeCourse Golf Products for fairways and greens are all natural, eco-friendly, and 100% organically based.  The ReeCourse formulation is based on the advance technology and science of SumaGrow, and is specially formulated to save you money on both materials and labor, while protecting your turf.  Extensive testing by universities, independent labs and field trials have overwhelming demonstrated the superior results in healthier soil, longer, stronger and more complex root systems, producing a thicker, heartier and greener turf.


ReeCourse Golf Products will:

    • ReePlace the need for (or significantly reduce) chemical based fertilizer
    • ReeDuce water usage
    • ReeStore the health of the soil
    • ReeCourse is a unique blend of multiple microbes carried in a formulation of humates to assist in:
    • Nitrogen Fixation
    • Water Retention
    • Phosphate Solubilization
    • Soil Health and Conditioning
    • Stress Endurance
    • Nutrient Uptake
    • Disease Resistance

ReeCourse is soil enhancer so it starts with the soil. When applied,ReeCourse impregnates the soil with multiple microbes that brings the soil up to a proper pH Balance, making the soil healthy, thus producing healthy turf. Microbes are live organisms so ReeCourse also adds organic matter to the soil which the microbes use as a food source to stay alive.

ReeCourse Golf Product Benefits:
    • Replaces Fertilizer:  Save money on materials and labor by reducing or eliminating fertilizer.  When using ReeCourse Greens or Fairway formulas, you MUST reduce fertilizer by at least 50%.  Many golf courses elect to eliminate chemical fertilizers altogether.
    • Reduces Water Usage: ReeCourse Golf Products cause the soil to retain the water and ot runoff.  Numerous tests and testimonials have shown a reduction of 20+% in irrigational watering.   
    • No Fertilizer Runoff: Eliminate fertilizer and you eliminate the run off.  If ReeCourse products do runoff, the product will actually bio-remediate the waterway. 
    • Greener Grass:  Michigan State Uiversity obtained 30% higher chlorophyll levels with SumaGrow Inside than comparales grown with chemical fertilizers.
    • Higher Brix Levels:  These levels result in fewer pest problems and fewer pest diseases.  An independent PhD has verified grasses grown with ReeCourse products have higher brix levels and show to be healthier.
    • Faster and Higher Germination Rates:
    • Reduces Infestations: Both in nematodes and grubs.
    • Regulates pH Balance:  Acts as a soil conditioner and maintains the pH balance giving access to the nutrients in problem soils.


The ReeCourse Golf Product Line: 






Better for You – Better for the Environment

ReeCourse Fairway:

Used on Fairways, and Roughs and is a custom formulation focused on the needs of the golf course fairway.  These areas of the course need assistance with recovering from stresses such as divots and riding carts.  The ReeCourse Fairways product enables a significantly more developed root system which in turn results in a decreased divot recovery time and a turf grass able to withstand greater stresses

For use on golf couse fairways.  Initial treatment is 6 ounces of product per 1,000 square feet or 2 gallons of product per acre, diluted.  Then every OTHER month use 3 ounces of product per 1,000 square feet or 1 gallon 

of product per acre, diluted.  OMRI Listed

fairway bottle

ReeCourse Greens: 


Used on Greens and Tee Boxes and is a custom formulation built to aid in the withstanding of the extreme traffic and stresses that Greens and Tee Boxes receive.  The product works to lengthen and strengthen the root systems so that more water can be accessed to improve the turf and provide for the lush green appearances that all courses strive for!

Initial treatment is 6 ounces per 1,000 square feet or 2 gallons of product per acre, diluted.  Then EVERY month use 3 ounces of product per 1,000 square feet or 1 gallon of product per acre, diluted.  OMRI Listed

greens bottle

ReeVerse Poa:

Addresses the poa annua problem that many golf courses experience across their greens, tees, and fairways.  Poa annua is a common weed (also known in the Americas as annual bluegrass or annual meadow grass) that is resistant to many weed and grass killers.ReeVerse Poa works to impair the immune system of the poa so that it gradually dies off and the healthy grass grows in around it.  The ReeVerse Poa does this without leaving brown spots! 

Apply every 14-21 days until desired results are obtained.  3 ounces per 1,000 square feet.  Best results occur when applied in the early morning.

poa bottle


Test Results and Information on Our ReeCourse Products