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How it works

Healthy Soil is Key to Producing Profitable and Sustainable Agriculture

SoilGanic is the key ingredient inside EarthCare Products that helps in restoring and maintaining the soil’s health and fertility. 

EarthCare products with SoilGanic inside can increase higher harvest yields, reduce your fertilizer dependence, and increase the nutritional values of food and forage of your crops.
SoilGanic's microbial formulation is suspended in an organic humic acid carrier which acts as a carbon food source.  These humates are high in organic matter and contain vital nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and manganese. 

For organic production, EarthCare has a product line with SoilGanic inside that is OMRI Listed. 

Vital organic matter and soil nutrients are often destroyed and mined out because of the overuse of chemical inputs, soil erosion, nutrient runoff, and unsustainable farming practices. SoilGanic's microbial formulation restores and maintains soil health and fertility in several ways: 

1. Biological Nitrogen Fixation – 95-99% of nitrogen in the soil is in an organic form that is not readily available for uptake by plants. EarthCare with SoilGanic inside, unlocks bound soil nitrogen and absorbs nitrogen from the air for the plant's use.

2. Phosphate Solubilization – EarthCare with SoilGanic inside, solubilizes the bound phosphate and makes it available to the plant in a useable form.

3. Mobilization and Mineralization of Available Plant Nutrients – It is not enough that a soil contains an element. What matters is its availability to plants. Mobilizing and mineralizing soil nutrients, such as bound phosphate, magnesium, and calcium into a form that is available for plant uptake is a vital role of the microorganisms and humic acid contained in EarthCare with SoilGanic inside,.

4. Phytohormone Production – Phytohormones are plant growth regulators which enhances the growth of the plant at different stages.  This gives crops treated with EarthCare with SoilGanic inside, the opportunity to reach optimum growth and yield.

5. Saprophytic Competence – EarthCare with SoilGanic inside, has a high saprophytic competence. This helps the microbes to compete with and overcome native soil microbes and allows them to perform their intended, beneficial functions.

6. Soil pH – EarthCare with SoilGanic inside, promotes a gradient of optimal pH under extreme environmental conditions.

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