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Microbial Effects from Sumagrow Earthcare Formulas

Microbial Effect with SumaGrow

Isolation of a broad diversity of microbes with different yet complementary functional capabilities proved to be the challenge poised to Michigan State University (MSU), who conducted the research and successful testing of the SumaGrow formulation.  Mixing together in a microbial inoculant formulation and applying it to a broad range of crops, MSU compiled results showing substantial increase in the productivity and harvest of these crops.  MSU identified a key group of microbes consisting of nitrogen-fixing bacteria which provided fixed nitrogen; a primary nutrient for healthy plants.  MSU further isolated a range of symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria which are important in providing fixed nitrogen to leguminous plants (such as soybean, pea, beans, alfalfa, etc.) and free-living nitrogen-fixers which extend the range of productive nitrogen-fixing microbes to non-leguminous plants such as wheat, rice, corn, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, etc.  They further extended the growth formulation to contain: biocontrol agents (biopesticides) which inhibits growth of the plant’s pathogenic fungi and bacteria while inducing systemic resistance in the plant.  Now the need for addition of chemical pesticides to the crops can be minimized or eliminated altogether.  MSU also isolated a spectrum of soil and rhizosphere bacteria that act synergistically with the other organisms to make available to the plant minerals such as P and micronutrients that promote plant growth.  MSU then constructed microbial formulations that contain selected microbial strains with different beneficial functions and conducted efficacy tests of the formulations obtained in field experiments using a broad spectrum of plants.  Additional testing resulted in a microbial inoculant formulation containing multiple groups of functionally complementary microbes (bacteria and fungi) that enhance productivity of a broad spectrum of plants including legumes, cereals, vegetables, and forage crops.

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