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Earthcare with Sumagrow formulated for Forage Result

Forage Test Results

SumaGrow Test Results on Forage

EarthCare with SumaGrow Inside can maximize your bottom line by increasing your yields, decreasing your fertilizer costs and irrigation demands. 

SumaGrow enhances the soil so the technology begins at the plant's roots, building a more developed root system reaching deeper into the soil to access more nutrients and water, resulting in healthier pasture land.  The SumaGrow microbial blend also works together in capturing more nitrogen from the air to aid in the plants health.  

Additionally, because pests and disease are drawn to weak and nutrient deficient plants; SumaGrow will be your best defense for producing healthy, hardy and nutrient dense forages.  

Using SumaGrow will improve your pasture land's performance thus improve your livestock's performance, and your bottom line profits. 


Why use products containing SumaGrow for your forage and hay production?

SumaGrow can maximize your profits by increasing your yields and decreasing your fertilizer costs and irrigation demands.


The technology of SumaGrow begins at the roots and builds deeper and more developed root systems.  This allows the palnt to pull nutrients and water from deeper within the soil.  The SumaGrow microbial blend work together to capture nitrogen from the air and pull nutrients from the soil for the plant's use.

Is SumaGrow a bio-pesticide?

No.  However, because pests and disease are drawn to weak and nutrient deficient plants, your best defense is a healthy, nutrient dense crop.
SumaGrow has demonstrated in university trials and field trials to increase the hardiness and nutrient density of forages. 

Anything else?

Using  SumaGrow combined with responsible farming practices, like frequent soil tests,  will improve your crop's performance specific to increased yields, healthier and hardier grasses and improved animal performance.


International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture (ICSA).


See below, a few of the tests conducted in various geographical areas of the U.S.


Nebraska Forage Test Results

A field trial was conducted in Nebraska, testing the effects of SumaGrow when applied to Native Grasses.  The field had a mixture …


Virginia Forage Test Results

Lakota Ranch in Virginia conducted field trials on Fescue and White Clover.  SumaGrow was compared to fields treated wtih fertilizer and those …

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