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Sumagrow Earthcare Formulated for Corn Test Trial

B. Groulx of SumaGroulx, Munger, MI

"I grow about 800 acres of corn.  On 600 acres, I applied [SumaGrow] directly on top of the seed bed at the time of planting using a 4” band.  Then, on 300 of the 600 treated acres, I applied [SumaGrow] directly over the corn (as a foliar spray) approximately six weeks after sprouting using a 6” band.  The results were great for all 600 acres, but the 300 that received a second application did much better.

Because we harvest using contract labor, I can’t give exact results, but what I do know is the plants that received one [SumaGrow] application produced longer ears.  Each ear had between 4 and 6 more grains than the untreated corn.  The plants that received two applications not only produced ears that were 4 – 6 grains longer, but each ear had 3 – 4 additional rows.  Altogether, I achieved an approximate 40% increase in yield!

Not only did I experience a higher yield, but the 600 acres treated with [SumaGrow] matured ten days earlier than the untreated section.  Because of this, I got an additional thirty-five cents per bushel when I was the only person who could supply the local ethanol plant with mature, dry corn.

As far as cost goes, my usual fertilizer program includes applying trace minerals which cost around $27,000.  With [SumaGrow] though, I didn’t need this.

In summary, the early maturity with additional .35/bushel more than paid for [SumaGrow] product, the increase in yield more than paid for the product, and $27,000 savings on trace minerals more than paid for the product.  I’m very happy with my results, and I can’t wait to use [SumaGrow] again this year!"



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