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Sumagrow Earthcare Formulated for Fruit Crop Testimonial

sumagrow-fruit-testimonials-2W. Davis
North Carolina

We had a killer frost warning while the berries were in full bloom.  I didn't have canvases to the  bushes, so in a brainstorm, I sprayed them with [SumaGrow].  We had 2 additional killer frosts after that one and as you can well see, the berries are not damaged at all!








A. Herrin
Petal, MS

The watermelon on the left was purchased from a local food store as a comparison.
It measured 20" long, 29.5" around, and weighed 22.6 lbs.  The Tall Harvest watermelon 
on the right measured 30.5" long, 48" around and weighed 110 lbs.  Not pictured is the 
96 lb. watermelon measuring 33/5" long and 44.5" around.

Mr. Herrin walked into the Bio Soil Enhancers corporate offices one morning asking for help carrying his 110 lb. and 96 lb. watermelons inside.  He and his wife are home gardeners and have been using Tall Harvest, SumaGrow inside solely for the past two summers.  "I didn't purchase a single cup of commercial fertilizer this year," Arthur said.

Mr. Herrin first applied a product containing SumaGrow around the beginning of April, during planting, and then one other application three weeks later.  "The thing that surprises me is that I gave these watermelons no special treatment.  I didn't prune the vines and they were only watered four or five times as I was gone the whole month of June." Mr. Herin said that he also planted round watermelons and grew a "truckload of those."  Although he donates most of his produce to the senior citizens in his church, he said the rest of his garden produced so well he almost couldn't give anymore away.

"SumaGrow does the job.  I'm a believer in this product."


Written by Chuck Grantham
Director of Field Services
Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc.

After several visits to a watermelon patch in Wiggins, Mississippi, it was finally time to test the product.  The farmer had already told me that the varieties that had SumaGrow applied looked more like they had more melons than the untreated areas of the field, and after two pickings through the field he told me it looked like the SumaGrow treated areas were yielding approximately one ton per acre MORE than untreated areas!!




And how good does SumaGrow taste? I brought two melons from the treated area and untreated area back to the Bio Soil office for sampling.  The melons were cut and the staff tasted both samples and had no problem identifying the SUmaGrow treated melons.  There you go, the poof really is in the pudding.

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