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Earthcare with Sumagrow Formulated for Rice Results

Research on the effect of products containing SumaGrow on Rice

Former USDA official Jodie Cammack, worked for the USDA in rice research and varietal improvement for 30 years. When first introduced to SumaGrow, Cammack agreed to test SumaGrow on a small border study of organic rice for the USDA. “I’ve used pelletized chicken litter, bone and blood meal and 10-15 different microbial productsand compost teas,” Cammack said, “We tried a little bit of everything.”

One reason SumaGrow appealed to Cammack was the reasonable pricing and recommended application rate. Compared to the recommended 8-10 gallons per acre of other products, SumaGrow’s recommended 1.5 gallons per acre was more affordable and proved to be very effective.

“I’ve never seen these kind of results before,” said Jodie Cammack, a former USDA official.

Cammack applied SumaGrow to eight plots of organic rice leaving eight plots untreated. Every rice plot treated with SumaGrow grew quickly out of the water and was 1/2 inch taller than the untreated plots. The untreated plots of rice were still underwater and stressed.

For the next three weeks, Cammack noted the SumaGrow treated plots remained taller and thicker than the untreated plots. However, the true results showed in the harvest. 

SumaGrow treated rice averaged 980 lbs more per acre more than the untreated rice. That equates to $300 additional profit per acre.


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