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Sumagrow Earthcare Lawn & Turf Testimonial

M. Wade

With all the rain (and heat) we've had, our yard and plants look so full and green – plus, we feed everything with [SumaGrow products]…



To Whom It May Concern:

As Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Hattiesburg, I can say unequivocally that ReeCourse Golf's turf products (containing SumaGrow inside) manufactured by Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. have done an excellent job in refurbishing our soil and providing healthy growth for our hybrid Bermuda grass.

Two years ago we visited with Chuck Grantham, a former Mississippi State Extension Agent for Forrest County, and was encouraged by him to try these products on our soccer fields where we were having serious weed problems and where our hybrid Bermuda grass had areas of very stunted, patchy growth.  We are now in our second full year of using ReeCourse Golf turf products (containing SumaGrow inside) on all eighteen of our soccer fields.  Our fields are beautiful with luscious growth and we have saved time and money on fertilizers and pesticides.

I would highly recommend the use of these products to anyone.


Dr. Clemon Terrell
Director of Parks & Recreation
City of Hattiesburg


These photos are from a Texas sod farm.  The customer used a product containing SumaGrow on a section to see how well it worked on grass.  As the picture shows, the section treated with the product containing SumaGrow had remarkably faster and healthier growth than the untreated section.


(The following testimonial was written to SumaGreen, a licensed retailer of products containing SumaGrow)

Well, I do not have any photos, but our results are undeniable.

We had bought a house that had an in ground pool.  The pool had been removed and the fill had sunk in around the center of the yard.  We contracted a company to drop 18 truckloads of clean topsoil and level the back yard.  It turns out that the finely sifted topsoil was crushed clay!

The following spring we could not get grass started well in the yard even with meticulous care.  We had gotten some grass to grow, but it was really fighting to drop roots through the soil that you couldn't hammer a nail into.  It was very patchy to say the least.

We met reps from Bio Soil at a PSE&G Green Fest (the exact name escapes me).  I have been following SumaGreen for years and now that I could purchase your product, I gave it a try.

Within 3 weeks the results with SumaGreen Turf were noticeable by everyone.

Now it is 5 weeks and the lawn is very green and healthy looking.  The best part is that there are no longer any patches.  We did plant seed again, but we sis that last year in the spring and fall with barely any results.  The fact that we have a lawn that looks above average is quite amazing considering that the alternative would have cost over $10k for new topsoil and sod (or topsoil and a lot of work trying to get seed to cover).

I tell everyone about your product.  It is less expensive than using standard fertilizer.  You don't have to worry about burning your lawn.  No special tools requires.  And the fact that there is no fertilizer to wash off and kill fish in our river, bay, and oceans.  All positives and no negatives.  Thanks for developing this product.

We can do something good for the environment without compromising on performance nor paying through the nose!

The football field pictured above in Salem, IL, achieved 95% grow-in in eight remarkable weeks using SumaGrow products compared to the average grow-in time of 16-18 weeks.   The field was treated by professional landscaper, agronomist, and Bio Soil Licensee (RYS) David Bartok and his brother Danny.

As the field was being converted from cool season grass to warm season grass, the treatment began by killing off the existing cool season fescue and blue grass.  After core-aerating the field, it was treated with one gallon per acre of a product containing SumaGrow and then power seeded with approximately 100 lbs. of Bermuda grass seed.  Three weeks later, David applied another one gall per acre of SumaGrow product mixed with 1/2 the normal application of post-emergent weed control.  The standard application of weed control was cancelled as the grass was so thick there were no weeds.

There was 100% reduction in fertilizer, 16.7% less seed, 75% less weed control products, and no more than 1/2 the normal growth time!

"Normally I am very conservative and cautious, but this product has shown tremendous results and saved my company a lot of money," David said.


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