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Sumagrow Earthcare Phosphorous Test Trial

The following test for phosphorous (P) removal was conducted for a farmer in Montana who uses chicken litter as his primary source of nutrient for his cattle pastures. He sent samples of his soil to Bio Soil to determine if SumaGrow would aid in the removal of P as his soil phosphorous exceeded the allowable limits for using chicken litter as a source of fertilizer.


SumaGrow claims it will mobilize and solubilize phosphorous (P) at both high and low soil pH environments and make it available for plant uptake.

The soil sample was first air dried and then a random soil sample was taken for SumaGrow treatment.

The Experimental set-up:

  • Ten grams of the soil sample was weighed and put into a 1000mL Erlenmeyer flask.

  • 500mL of SumaGrow liquid was added and incubated on an Orbital Shaker for 2 weeks at 30ºC

  • After 2 weeks, the treated soil was filtered using sterile gauze and the residual soil was dried in an incubator at 40ºC. The drying continued until a constant weight was achieved.

  • The untreated (control) soil, the dried SumaGrow soil, and the liquid filtrate were sent to EDL Labs, Inc. for total P content analysis. The results are presented as follows:

Soil Analysis:
Treatments Total P % Decrease Over Control
1. Untreated Soil (Control) 33.5 N/A
2. Treated Soil (SumaGrow) After 2 Weeks (Dry Matter) 11.5 65.67%
3. Supernatant SumaGrow (Liquid) After Treatment 3.8 88.66%

Summary: When we average the 11.5 for the dry soil and the 3.8 of the extracted liquid, we have a total phosphorous analysis of 7.65. If we subtract the 7.65 from the control 33.5, we are left with 25.85, or 77.16%

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