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Sumagrow Earthcare Vegetable Crop Test Trial


Pam & James Barr picked over 1,000 pounds of tomatoes in one thankful, yet exhausting day.  They have owned Barr Farms, a family dairy, for over 30 years and decided last year to grow their family garden into one for resale purposes.

Moving forward with their vision, they purchased a 30'x96' high tunnel last fall with a cost-share from the Natural Resources Conservation Service tht stipulated that all produce must be grown using organic methods.  Pam chose to use only a product containing SumaGrow.  "We were introduced to SumaGrow products about three years ago and loved the results," Pam said.  She expected good results, but was concerned what the extreme heat would do to this year's crop.

"We've never had this kind of production before.  It's amazing the difference this product makes."

Pam found that our for herself as her friends and customers praised her tomatoes.  "Everybody tells me these are the best tomatoes they've ever eaten."


R. Nellett farms 700 acres of corn and beans in Munger, Michigan.  "We treated half our crops with "SumaGrow" and the results simply amazed us.  We are seeing a 20% better yield on the SumaGrow treated crops at a lower cost because the SumaGrow costs less than the conventional fertilizer we have been using.  Next year I am going to treat all my crops with SumaGrow products."

Mr. Wayne Wade,

After seeing a news article on TV about your product, I decided to give it a try.  I have a raised bed vegetable garden in the back yard of my home.  I've gardened this way for the last several years.  It has always been a successful way to garden but I have never had such dramatic results as I have seen since using your Bio Soil product only one time!  The plants are greener, healthier, and stronger than they have ever been.  They are larger and each plant is loaded with fruit.

I was very skeptical about the product in the beginning, but I believe it will be a very beneficial tool in gardening vegetables and flowers.  All my plants have grown in so green and so sturdy that I cannot wait to see the harvest.  Bio Soil has made a believer out of me.

I have not used any commercial fertilizer at all and still have these great results using your completely organic product."

A. Herrin 










sumagrow-vegetable-crop-testimonials-4B. Davis, a farmer in Dover, Florida, has been growing collards, mustard, scallions, and black-eye peas on his farm for 45 years.

"My young crop has never looked this good and healthy at this stage of the growing season," Davis said shortly after using a SumaGrow-containing product for the first time.  "The bugs are not chewing on these young, tender plants."

Mr. Davis used no fertilizer because of the recommended reduction or elimination of fertilizers when using a product containing SumaGrow.  "I have been spending around $2,000 for my fertilizer.  My [SumaGrow] cost was under $500.  I called and ordered m [SumaGrow] and it was delivered within a week.  A higher yield at a lower cost with fewer bugs is a win/win/win for my farm.  I have already placed my [SumaGrow] order for my spring crop."




Set to licensee Steve Elwell, President of SumaGreen, with SumaGrow Inside

"Hi Steve,

Great news for your product!  We had marvelous results, but we didn't keep any data and I can only give you anecdotal information.  We mainly used it in our orchards on both newly planted and established trees.  They exhibited an amazing amount of new growth.  We also used it in our raised bed gardens, and boy, do I have a super abundance of peppers this year with big, healthy plants…

We do


 know that compared to other people's crops we looked at this year, which had biological supplements, the SumaGrow far exceeded their results.

This pic is one of the pepper beds on July 1.  They were late getting planted a weeks after Memorial Day, so this is only three weeks of growth.  They ended up about twenty-four inches tall, with an amazing amount of fruit, which continues to keep coming on."



"I must say I was so happy with the results.  I grew some of the best garlic bulbs ever.  I did notice the bulbs with SumaGreen, SumaGrow inside showed a significant increase in size."


The seed packet said okra can get six feet.  I just measured ours at 12 feet, 6 inches – and delicious!!!


"My 13 year-old granddaughter decided to do an experiment with SumaGrow for her 8th grade Honors Science Class.  She bought a packet f lettuce seeds, dug some dirt out of her back yard, and planted an equal number of seeds in each of two pots.  One pot she treated with SumaGrow, one was left on its own, except she watered both with about 4 oz. of water every day or so.  I visited with her over the Thanksgiving weekend (25 days later), and the attached photo is what I saw.  I think she's likely to win, don't you?"


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