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SoilGanic Inside EarthCare ProductsSoilGanic has demonstrated the ability to increase crop yields by 20% to 200+% while decreasing fertilizer usage from 50-100% thereby significantly increasing profits for farmers. The product also reduces water (estimated 20+%) and pesticide usage.  Additional benefits for crops grown with SoilGanic are higher nutrient content, faster and earlier germination rates, earlier maturation, and better ability to withstand stresses such as wind and drought. SoilGanic‘s proprietary biotic product is organic, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.  It has worked on all crops with which it has been used, in a variety of growing conditions.

The product, in layman‘s terminology, is basically concentrated “Mother Nature” — a cocktail of 30+ carefully selected microorganisms. SoilGanic rehabilitates the soil, making the soil healthier, and is highly compatible with sustainable, organic farming. SoilGanic is broad spectrum (works on all crops), stimulative (increases yield), poly-microbial inoculants, with multiple, complementary functions. Perhaps, even more importantly, SoilGanic does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO), growth hormones, nor chemicals.

SoilGanic is innovative for four reasons. First, it contains multiple groups of organisms (up to eight compared to competitors with no more than three) within each function. Second, the product has six functions compared to competitors with no more than two functions. Third, unlike its counterparts, SoilGanic‘s formulation retains viability over a long period of time at ambient temperature. Fourth, SoilGanic is concentrated at 1017, compared to its competitors at 108, 109 or 1010.  A concentration at 1017 means one hundred thousand trillion colony farming units per milliliter.

SoilGanic is currently patent pending, worldwide, with the patents owned by Michigan State University (MSU).

SoilGanic has been in development for over six years including extensive greenhouse testing conducted at Michigan State University (MSU), on over 200+ outdoor test plots, and with multiple commercial users operating under normal growing conditions. Independent testing performed by MSU showed a 301% increase in rice yield, 400% increase in tomato yield, 127% in soybeans, 86% in peas, 258% in okra, 234% in peanuts, and over 100% in garden beans and wonder bush beans in greenhouse testing.

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